Anse Mamin

I have had an inspirational time away in the Caribbean. St Lucia was my idea of what a tropical island should be, Volcanic, hot, steamy and lush. The plants and flowers set against the jaw dropping spectacle of the twin Pitons. 

I discovered  a darker seam than ran through the island;  a history of Slavery as I visited Anse Mamin, an abandoned sugar plantation. There amidst the jungle foliage lay the ruins of the church the slaves worshiped at, the forgotten and overrun site of their graves and also the caves they hid in to try to escape. It was the plantation owners house that attracted my interest the most, with an upside down cross above the door that the guide told us was a sign of Voodoo.

He showed us a plant which when the leaves are rubbed between the fingers produce a red oil that the locals use to dye clothes. 

I used some of these leaves to draw in my sketch book the plantation owners house.