Julie Moss’s work hint to a wider narrative, the subjects are reflective of much larger social and humanitarian issues. The resulting paintings are a mix of a factual record of a moment in time and an emotional response to being in a particular place. It is in the shift between what is remembered and imagined that the works take shape, a dichotomy of fragility and preservation.

The immediacy and tactility, particularly of oil paints dictates her choice of materials, a factor that is clear throughout her subtle and poetic work. A long and deeply held interest in plants and flowers and love of colour informs her artistic practice, She strives for an ideal: to make her artwork a bridge to communicate deeply with her audience.

‘What silences our intuition is our need for certainty, nature is a place of mystery where we find the courage to believe in what we cannot see and the strength to let go of our certainty.

By placing emphasis on cultivated and natural landscapes, I wish to highlight what we stand to lose if we do not protect our natural environment and by including evidence of man’s presence it is my hope that mankind and nature can live in harmony.”



 Julie Moss lives and works in Cornwall and studied Fine Art at Falmouth University. A finalist in the Windsor and Newton painting prize her recent work was selected for stage 2 of the John Moore’s prize, and she has been selected several times for the RWA exhibition in Bristol. Julie is an active member of the Newlyn Society of Artists.

Previously Julie grew up in Lancashire and attended Bolton school of Art in 1973 -76, after training to become a florist and working as a textile designer she moved to Cornwall to raise her family.